Competitive Analysis: 20R vs OEMs

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This competitive analysis, like many before it, was used to gauge our tool relative to the general market. We selected two competitors, one product to represent the average OEM and the other to be representative of the performance aftermarket. The testing was done according to our standard practices which isolate the tool’s performance, the guidelines can be found below. After completing the testing and reviewing the data, the comparison revealed a very clear distinction between the two OEM product’s and the Nufinish product. The Nufinish 20R had a substantially higher production rate than either of the two OEM’s resulting in a material reduction in labor and as a result equipment costs.

Our motivation for using this data in a marketing campaign comes from the crowded and confusing state of the market. With so many options and most claiming to be the “best” we hope that concrete performance numbers will help differentiate the Nufinish brand from the noise.

So how can a contractor know if they’re using a good tool? The best way to know is to compare it head to head with an equivalent Nufinish tool. It’s called benchmarking and it’s how we test every product because it’s the only reliable way to understand the performance of a tool.

Tool Testing Guidelines

Performance testing of surface prep tools is normally done by grinding a coating because it’s the simplest way to measure and quantify a tool’s performance, not because we’re promoting a coating removal tool.

  • one grinder was used, a Diamatic 780 Pro
  • one experienced operator ran all tools at the same RPM
  • the concrete was consistent, less than 10 years old and medium hardness
  • the epoxy coating was consistent in thickness, 15mils, and well bonded
  • a brand new set of tools from each manufacturer was used
  • the first hour of grinding, of each tool, was not factored into the results and each tool was run for at least 6 hours
  • any stoppage time was subtracted from the total grinding time

It’s important that I mention that results will vary depending on the concrete type, coating and operator and you should always do your own due diligence. Also, this type of competitive analysis is not meant to single out any particular company, it’s designed to provide a representation of the market in relation to Nufinish products.

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